We are trying to minimize risk to our clients and the skeleton crew of staff who are everyday heroes at the shelter. The best gift to give is caution. Or make a donation via the donate button on our home page. $5 helps. If you want to send things, we still go through depends and underwear. THANK YOU FOR CARING, and we hope each of you comes through this time of uncertainty with your health intact and with opportunities to recover from any losses on other fronts.

We could use hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes, but we don’t want anyone to pay inflated prices or buy products from dubious sellers. If/when hand sanitizer or wipes that kill germs are available, feel free to ship some! PLEASE, don’t divert supplies from health care providers–they are facing shortages and they have the greatest need.

Front Steps/the ARCH have made significant changes to our donation policy, in order to better serve our clients and to maximize our resources. This list is subject to change – it was updated June 19, 2020. Questions? Contact Amy Price (512) 305-4174 or aprice@frontsteps.org

Financial donations are always welcome, and are used for items for clients like legal documents, job-specific clothing and other client-specific items.

MAIL checks or money orders, made out to Front Steps, to:      Front Steps    PO Box 684519    Austin TX    78768

In-Kind donations are welcome, but please only donate the items below. We have provided links to the ideal products to donate, please understand that it is best for our clients, staff, and volunteers if the items we have to give to clients are the same/similar. It can be hard to give three clients in a row a costly pair of socks, and then offer the fourth man in line a pair of footies for women because that’s all that is left. Storage, staffing, and standardization are the reasons we try to manage the products we offer by providing specifications that work best.

If you have other items to donate, please contact us to see if we have a need for it. If ordering from Amazon, please use Amazon Smile and include a gift receipt.

Ship Amazon/other orders to:              ARCH/Front Steps      Attn: Amy Price      500 E 7th St    Austin TX   78701

NEEDED NOW:     Men’s Shorts      Mens Underwear        

  • Please redirect other donations to local thrift stores who support nonprofit programming. By taking your intended donation to a store instead of leaving it on the sidewalk or handing it out to individuals on the sidewalk, you are making the right choice.
  • DO NOT pass out clothing or items to people outside the ARCH and DO NOT leave items, including food, on the sidewalk. Contributions to individuals outside our doors do not serve clients seeking solutions, and abandoned donations become litter that generates negative attention from the community. Food can pose a dangerous health threat to clients whose digestive systems are fragile or eat the food past health safety time frames.

Thank you for remembering our clients when making charitable decisions.