Why Support Us?

• We are an organization you can trust. Front Steps has more than 20-years experience meeting the needs of  individuals experiencing homelessness. We have financial and programmatic audits every year, we recruit nonprofit professionals with experience and education, and our list of partners in the community is extensive and includes many well-respected nonprofits and agencies.

• Front Steps strives to keep operating costs low so your gift will have the maximum impact on the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness. And an added incentive? Many of the government awards we apply for to help our clients require a “match gift” of private funds. Your gift to Front Steps will often be used as “match”— doubling the value of your contribution and allowing us to bring tax dollars back into our community!

Our clients, homeless adult men, are often regarded as the least sympathetic of clients. Many donors are more likely to look for programming that serves children, families, or women. We understand many of the reasons people may feel this way, and we can only tell you that our clients often humble us all with their gratitude. We know them as individuals who demonstrate humor, grace, charm, and patience in many of our interactions. Knowing how waiting, weather, setbacks, public opinion, and the stresses of being on the streets or in shelter settings can be incredibly hard on a person–we have great respect for their willingness to apply for help and bring as positive an attitude as possible to the process.

• Our staff excel at transitioning men and women off the streets and out of shelters—into secure and stable housing opportunities.  We meet the needs of our community’s most vulnerable populations—individuals experiencing chronic homelessness; often with additional issues including physical disabilities, mental health challenges, and substance abuse.  We provide basic needs assistance to thousands of people every year during the most challenging time of their lives.