Recuperative Care

Recuperative Care Program

The Recuperative Care Program is a collaboration between Front Steps, Central Health, and The Religious Coalition. Homeless clients who are too sick to be discharged to a shelter or the streets, but not sick enough to warrant acute hospital placement, are placed in a nursing home for the duration of their illness. There, they receive the therapies they need to get back on their feet.  While in the nursing home, Front Steps provides intensive case management to address their income, housing, and self-care needs. 

Following a nursing home stay, ongoing support is offered to assist them in obtaining permanent housing and maintaining their health. Despite long periods of homelessness and lack of involvement in the social service system prior to entering the program, the Recuperative Care clients have demonstrated great success in achieving goals, such as obtaining government disability benefits, becoming clean and sober, and re-establishing contact with family, and have largely been able to remain housed and out of the hospital, jail, and shelter systems, and off the streets.

Please click here to view our 2015 RCP Annual Report.

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Recuperative Care success stories

Roy’s story

 Born in Alabama, Roy moved to Texas when he was 5 years old, settling in a small town on the rural outskirts of Austin. Roy attended school, graduated and went on to training and working in the world of auto mechanics, got married and had a son.

In 2008, Roy decided to move to Austin, putting in for a transfer with his job.  His brother offered him a place to live while he got settled in Austin, however all did not go as planned.  “For one reason or another”, he says, “the transfer didn’t go through and my brother went back on his offer of letting me stay with him.  I was suddenly without work and without a place to live.”     To read all of Roy’s incredible story, click here.

Chris’ story

Chris, nearly 58 years old, has been homeless for most of his adult life. He reports that he has stayed in “every Salvation Army shelter in the country.” He lost a leg in a car accident many years ago. When he found himself in Austin two years ago, he immediately located a church, and was soon allowed to pitch his tent on the grounds in return for “watching out for vandals and teenagers.”

He lived in his tent, reading voraciously and interacting with people very little, until he had a series of mild strokes.  Somehow he managed to get himself up a hill and to the street where he was noticed. An ambulance was called, and Chris was admitted to the South Austin Hospital. From there he was admitted to the Front Steps’ Recuperative Care program.  To read all of Chris’ story, click here.