Volunteer Opportunties

Individual Volunteer Opportunities   


Mail & Hygiene Desk

Help staff manage the hygiene desk, connect clients to services, coordinate mail and messages, and dispense hygiene products.  Volunteers working the hygiene desk in the evenings will hand out hygiene products on an as needed basis to the clients as they come in to shower before dinner and lying down for the night.  Volunteers will not be distributing mail as we do at this desk during the day.

Kitchen Volunteer:

The ARCH Overnight Shelter serves dinner and breakfast daily to all residents of the overnight shelter.  Volunteers are needed in the afternoon to help prepare the meal and in the early evening to help serve.  This is a great opportunity for volunteer teams, as well as individuals.

Resource Desk:

Are you interested in working the front lines?

Looking to learn more about social services resources, common questions and issues that homeless men and women face on a daily basis? The Front Desk is a major source of information for our men and women. Volunteers help manage the laundry list, the long distance phone call system, answer the phones, use the computers to help answer client questions, and distribute water bottles. This requires a commitment of at least four hours per week for at least three months.

Computer Lab:

Partner with Austin Free-Net as they offer one-on-one help to our clients with resumes, job searches and housing research.



We need volunteers to assist with data entry, community mail outs, updating resource materials, website maintenance, and other tasks. This is a great way to see behind the scenes.

Obtaining Donations:

Help Front Steps obtain much needed donations for clients such as basic hygiene items, underwear, socks, and gift certificates for incentive based programs, as well as larger items such as backpacks, sleeping bags, jackets, and blankets.

Blankets and Cold Weather Shelters:

During the winter, area churches open up as Cold Weather Shelters on severe weather nights. Some churches need volunteers to help run these shelters.