2019 BRAVER, BETTER, Blanket Drive at the ARCH

BRAVER and BETTER because we are going to share what we have learned over 20 years of experience with blankets, winter weather, and clients.

The cold, hard truth is that blankets smaller than 66″ x 90″ are too small. Clients like Clarence will keep a big blanket with them all winter. They will wrap themselves in it–awake or asleep. So many people with good hearts donate small blankets (throws)—but clients need TWIN or FULL sizes. Everything a person experiencing homelessness keeps, they must carry with them. The warmth and protection from a blanket must be worth the weight/space.

We have found several blankets that would be ideal–and donors who ship these directly to us at the shelter will have a special place in our hearts!

VEEYOO Fleece Blanket   Twin: $18.99   Queen: $21.99

J&M Home Fashions    Twin: $14.46    Full/Queen: 18.56

Kohls Vellux    Twin: $15.99  Queen/Full: $23.99

Shipping Address for Blankets:

Front Steps/the ARCH
500 E. 7th Street
Austin TX    78701


  1. Fleece please. This is what clients request. Clients decline wool blankets, they do.
  2. Standardizing what we have to offer is best for clients and the staff/volunteers who hand things out.
  3. We know that it is tempting to buy 4 or 5 smaller fleece throws so that your donation helps more people–but it really doesn’t. Those smaller throws will not keep our adult clients warm. When they get handed out, clients decline or use them once and then they become trash or litter. That’s not what donors intended, so we are being completely honest and hoping you understand.
  4. Size matters! But if you have read this far, you already know that!


Workplaces or groups who would like to raise money (or deliver/ship) may contact Natalie Freeburg:  nfreeburg@frontsteps.org or call 512-305-4153

Send checks or money orders, made out to Front Steps, to

Front Steps/Blanket Drive
PO Box 684519
Austin TX    78768