Austin Homelessness Facts

Data on the state of homelessness in Austin/Travis County is collected from homeless service providers, including Front Steps, on a monthly basis. Below you will find homelessness facts for Austin condensed into easy to understand chunks.

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Here are some highlights for the month of December 2017

The Year to Date count shows of the total individuals served, 7,498 were literally* homeless, while 4,654 are not literally*homeless, for a total of ~12,152 individuals served.

The Year to Date count shows 303 people moved into permanent supportive housing, 761 into rapid rehousing, and 469 with minimal housing assistance.

This month 13 people were diverted from shelters/homelessness and 117 this year so far.

The average amount of money spent of all persons diverted from homelessness this year are: $188.43 in 2017 so far, and $229.75 in the month of December

For a more detailed look at the data, visit the ECHO website.

Point In Time Count

As of Jan 31, 2017, the last documented homeless point-in-time count, it was estimated that there were over 2,197 homeless individuals in Austin/Travis County on any given night.

The City of Austin with some help from the Ending Community Homelessness Organization, published the Plan to End Community Homelessness in 2010, which details the renewed efforts to end chronic homelessness in Austin by expanding the scope of care to include the entire spectrum of homelessness, from those at risk of becoming homeless to those experiencing chronic homelessness. View the plan here.

*Literally Homeless: Means individuals sleeping on the streets, in emergency shelters, or discharged from an institution where they resided for 90 days or less and were homeless upon institutional entry.

*Not Literally Homeless: Individuals at-risk of homelessness or receiving housing stabilization services.